The KYC services we offer are licensed and our platform automatically changes its functionality to match the laws of each country. Verification always corresponds to both the subscriber and the legislation of person who is examined.


The Licenced Anti-Money Laundering Specialist examination tests for aptitude and expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) detection, prevention and enforcement. We help you build the support you need for your AML compliance and financial crime prevention efforts. We also guide our customers to identify the limits as AML checks are required.


Financial Institutions are required to perform due diligence in transactions involving Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). We have access to a costantly updated list of PEPs from multiple countries and we can quickly and reliably review the political connections. PEP services are usually free of charge for our clients who order AML and/or KYC verifications.


Our company employs several international law firms. We offer a variety of legality verifications quickly and cost-effectively.

Company/Product Background Researches

We have eight years of experience in examining the backgrounds of companies, suppliers and ICOs. Our expert staff will provide you with a complete report of your desired company or supplier. With our upcoming platform, you can also resell different reports, with reducing your costs or even generating profits.

ICO Verification Program

We have created a product named ICO Verification Program. We are conducting an extensive investigation into ICO that ICO can prove to be exactly like it shown in its documents. The ICO Verification Program includes a complete review of the ICO company, staff, history and legality. After reviewing our customer, we have a full report of the authenticity we assure.

Verifer as a Subcontractor

We undertake inquiries and verifications for several operators and dealers. All of our subcontracting products are made by us with the same quality as all our own products. Our customers can use their own logos and certificates as proof of verification, and may, if they so wish, mention that verifications are provided by Verifer.

Buy and Sell Investigations

Our platform allows you to purchase background investigations of companies, ICOs and products and sell them further. The platform will be a good tool for, for example, customers who invest in ICOs or products, so high quality background research is needed and if it wishes to sell it to other investors.