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Why to invest in verifer

We are a rapidly growing company and also the demand for remote verifications is expanding rapidly.  We are already one of the leading players in the world and with our latest tools and we are a forerunner in capacity and user-frendliness. With crowdfunding, we will expand our verification centers around the world and we will be able to further develop our tools and practices. We are developing multi functional platform which offers not only KYC, AML and PEP services but also secured and automated signing processes to our clients. If you are interested to join our campaign please contact at sales@verifer.io

Unlike ICOs in general, SPY token has an inherent need right after ICO. This is because our verifications can no longer be paid in any other way and our customers order them continuously.
Since there is a need for a SPY token, we will list it on two exchanges immediately after the end of the ICO to serve our existing customers as well as our investors.
All Spy token sell orders placed by Verifer are always set with at least 1 % higher price than the lowest sell order in that exchange. That means we support the increase in value for each of our transfers.
Remote authentication and AML and PEP verifications are becoming more and more common at a time when financing and asset transfers move to the web. We are the only service provider that can provide thousands of licensed processes every day and globally.
We are already a fast growing company and with our crowdfunding our goal is to grow into the world's leading verifier in next few years.
We pay the salaries and expenses in euros and in US dollars. We are also pricing our services in the same currencies and translated into SPY tokens at the current market price. When buyer of the verification acquires tokens from exchange price of the token doesn't affect for verification buyer. That means the token price will determine from their sufficiency in the market which is again determined by the amount of business. Holders also influence the sufficiency of tokens for their part.
5 million SPY-tokens will be shared between everyone who holds tokens at least one year from ICO end date. The number of tokens to be allocated to each holder depends on how many tokens they have been holding throughout the year. This has been done to increase the profitability of investors during the first year.
We believe in fair play on investment and we have not used affiliate marketing at any time in our ICO.
In our platform you can both order and sell ordered company/product investigations quickly and effortlessly. Whole investigation process is made easy for customer.


Volume Discount

1–4.999 ETH −5%
5–9.999 ETH −10%
10–999.99 ETH −20%

Token Scale and ICO Structure

Total supply

170 000 000 SPY

Token price in ICO

170 000 000 SPY

Token type

Utility token

Token type


Token Distribution

Crowdfunding Usage